12 Marketing Tips Without The Need For SEO


If you’re just started a new online business, please consider none SEO marketing techniques to drive traffic to your website. Don’t always rely on search engines to do everything for you. It just won’t happen overnight. Remember, search engines send free traffic to your website, so they are not obligated to rank any of your website’s data to send traffic over. Search engines take their time ranking data, especially if you are a new company or blog. You need to have a strategy to rank well in your business area. SEO is an art and changes all the time.

Once you build your website, getting free traffic will take time and can sometimes be frustrating. But let’s not worry about that today. Let’s think about how you can send traffic to your website without using any type of SEO.

Marketing Tips To Help Drive Traffic To You Website

1. Find partners in your field of business. Let’s say, for example; you have just launched your new jewellery website. I would simply look for magazines and blog sites about the jewellery industry. Type in ‘Jewellery News’ in one of your favourite search engines. A list of companies will pop up. Get in contact with them and ask what they can do for you. They will be very polite. You should be able to send them your press release information for free and look at some short-term advertising. Moreover, this direct marketing strategy is excellent for brand awareness and trickles traffic to your website.

I would also recommend getting one of their writers to publish an article for you. This way, you have some great, unique SEO pointing back to your website. A good writer will charge around £120 per article.

2. Check out what’s available in your local town or city. What publications are hot and trendy? What’s the best fit for you? You might even consider doing a little marketing in one of the local papers. It’s always worth a try to see what type of results you get. If you own a business with a front-facing public shop, offer a discount if they shop online.


3. If you have a hefty marketing budget, you can always look at national or global advertising. Let’s keep the theme to jewellery and think about advertising in Vogue. A considerable audience comes with a 10K price tag per page. Will you get the return?

4. Create some clever marketing videos for youtube. The French Contrex commercial is very inspirational. Check out what your competition is doing for video creation. Open up a channel and get to work.

5. Create an email campaign using mailchimp.com It’s free to use, and to get started, all you need to do is;

a: Export all your email provider contacts.
b: Export all your LinkedIn contacts.
c: Add all your friends and family.
d: Import all your contacts into MailChimp.
e: Create a good-looking email using the easy-to-use Mailchimp drag and drop feature, and send out a discount or some excellent information. I have to admit, this is a little cheeky, but I like to use the word shrewd.

6. Find out what your competitors are doing.

a: Where do they advertise?
b: What discounts do they offer?
c: What are their price points?
d: Who are their manufacturers?
e: Who’s their target market?
f: Why are they successful?
g: What’s on their blog?
h: Who does all their creative work and photography?
i: What awards have they won?
j: What material do they use?
k: Do they hold any patents?
l: What’s their niche?
m: Do they have any sponsors?
n: Who are their partners?
o: Who do they employ?
p: What does their packaging look like?
q: Do they have any customer incentives, like loyalty cards?
r: What new product range do they have?
s: Do they have any staff incentives?
t: Do they run any type of affiliate program?
u: What training packages do they offer?
v: How many members of staff do they have?
w: Do they have shop outlets for the public?
x: Do they belong to any associations?
y: What’s their terms and conditions, delivery, and returns policy?
z: What can you learn from this investigation?

Using some of these tips will give you a better understanding of your position in business while looking at the competition. Learn from them and be better.

7. Think about who you would like to target, collect the data and send out a luxury brochure or leaflet. If your target audience is business to business (B2B) or business to the public (B2C), it’s always nice to sit down and look at something in your hand.

8. Get on the phone and talk to people. A phone call works better than any type of SEO campaign. Remember, you are human, and humans like to talk to each other. If you have a product that someone can benefit from, let them know about it. Alternatively, look for a telesales company that will be able to launch a sales campaign for you and set you up with leads and sales.

9. Find a relevant directory that is verified and has a good reputation. I recommend using Yell, especially if you are a local company. Start with the free listing and look to upgrade if you receive traffic and calls. If you don’t, leave it alone.


10. Get in contact with a great creative agency. It’s their job to understand who you are and where you want to be. Many successful companies use or have a design team that is paid to come up with new concepts. It might be a new product, website, App or SEO strategy. A good agency or freelancer will work with your budgets and deliver something you and your customers can be proud of.

11. Check out exhibitions relative to your company’s business. Start attending them to build up partnerships or clients. You may be in a position to even run a new stand. Depending on what your aim is at the exhibition, make sure you go with a plan of action and respond to every contact you get when the exhibition finishes.

12. Think about having a Marketing SEO strategy. This link provides some great content to get you started. Alternatively, talk to someone who knows about Organic SEO to drive free traffic to your website for the long term.

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