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31 Jul 2022

Unblock Your Mind With These 8 Considered Writing Tips

Some people can just write; it’s like they are born to produce articles, books, blog posts and poetry. The written word talks to their soul, and they can spill wonder from the darkest corners of their mind. However, sometimes, for no apparent reason, these creative manifestations of chemistry and frequency decide to stop. If this happens, the written word becomes a forced process, leading to a possibility of stress or poor work. To help with these blockages, a content creator […]

25 Jul 2022

16 Simple Content Marketing Tips

The art of content marketing comes with a creative explosion of words, ideas, research and pure thought. Yes! It can be difficult, and yes! It’s not easy. Mastering any type of content marketing to target your audience requires the essence of brilliance, talent and skill. However, all these flavoured acts can be learned through devotion and career objectives. With these in mind, we have created 16 simple content marketing tips to live by and help grow your brand online. 1. […]

25 Jul 2022

Internal Link Building Is A Steady Journey

The importance of internal link building can bring a good return on investment. However, it’s not one of those quick-fix digital marketing strategies which will change your website traffic overnight. Internal link building is a slow process that can take years to master and help build your domain into a resourceful entity. Internal link building starts with the main navigation of the website. A top-level menu should be easy to navigate for users and consideration for the most essential content […]

05 Jul 2022

How Important Is Metadata For Your Online Business Website?

Metadata for your online business is one of the most fundamental factors for your website. Why? Because it tells search engines who, why and where you need to be positioned for user search. Synopsis All websites have two elements of metadata: Title (What is the webpage about? Headline!) – Use 60-65 characters in length, including spaces. Description (A brief description of the page content – Summary!) – Use around 150-155 characters. The title and description give search engines a strong […]

03 Jul 2022

The Complete Beginners Guide To WordPress

WordPress is a powerful platform for web design and organic search engine optimisation, but only if you use it correctly. Working with bespoke and new template designs for your company website brings different benefits to each business model. For example, a WordPress website carries a great content management system (CMS). It allows the owner to add spectacular content that can work for their desired business sector. This article will examine why WordPress can benefit you with SEO while marketing your […]

03 Jul 2022

Organic SEO Checklists For On-Site & Off-Page Planning

SEO is a subject that many people in business just shy away from. Hearing words like; search engine optimisation, website metadata, external backlinks or algorithm updates can seem daunting. Hold on a minute; it’s not all that bad. In fact, after reading this article, you should better understand what to expect from your SEO company and what you should be paying for. Through this article, we will be looking at on-site and off-page SEO for company websites. On-Site Optimisation On-site […]

02 Jul 2022

An Introduction To Crawling Your E-Commerce Website

For an e-commerce website, earning a better ranking is a matter of survival. A Good ranking is further aligned with better traffic. Good traffic implies that the admin and management must ensure that web pages are crawled properly and seamlessly. Search marketing professionals constantly monitor the pace of crawling, which is the real key to sales. Understanding How Your Website Gets Crawled Before bothering too much about search engine spidering, be confident about the quality of your web pages. Though […]

01 Jul 2022

How To Optimise All Your Images For SERPs

Search engines rank images and rich text on all websites. If you optimise your images for each page, you can drive traffic to your online business. For example, people search for pictures using search engines. If you click on the image results, this will push the click directly to the website from where the image is located (your website). You can also optimise images for a website, where we have some top tips to get you ahead of the game. […]

01 Jul 2022

Product Photography Is All In The Editing

Product photography can be a difficult task. One of the most important factors would be that of setting up the camera. So, before you get started; ask yourself some questions. What is your objective? How do you want to set the scene and what is the outcome? Try and visualise the final product shot in your mind. Will it be clean? do you want small shadows or large shadows? will the product be on a shelf or will you be using coloured backgrounds?