Monthly Archives: August 2022

14 Aug 2022

How To Write Cluster Articles

Producing cluster articles for your website can become a powerful tool for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The idea is to create a topic and write as much as you can about the relevant subject. However, before starting this journey, remember to indulge in digital market research and find out what subjects are essential to the business model you are working towards. How To Create The Cluster Category Once you have mapped out your keyword strategy, try and recognise a […]

12 Aug 2022

How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

Without a strategy, any marketing campaign can fall dead to all awaiting ears and eyes. The philosophy behind good research is understanding the current marketplace while looking for new trends or high traffic volumes through search. Digital marketing can be instant through paid services, or if you decide to stick to pure organic goals, you should give yourself plenty of time. Of course, creating content can be a bit of a slog, but your patience will ultimately pay off. Firstly, […]

06 Aug 2022

15 WordPress Publishing Cues You Need To Know

Mastering WordPress for your online marketing can help push any company’s SEO efforts to infinity and beyond. Writing content is one thing, but understanding how the dynamics of WordPress can work will keep you ahead of the competition. If you want to outperform the competitors in your market space? Here’s what to think about when producing your next blog post using WordPress. Title H2, H3 tags Metadata Categories Author Outbound links Internal links Schema Yoast SEO plugin Cornerstone content Breadcrumbs […]

04 Aug 2022

The Art Of Blog Writing

Writing blogs for your website can help push organic search results into an undiscovered realm. For example, a blog should work for you, help define your website and give your web presence authority in the industry you seek to thrive through. A few key questions to help get you started could include: Is my blog working for me? Do we want more traffic to our website? What ideals and goals do we want to portray online? How do we want […]