The Art Of Blog Writing


Writing blogs for your website can help push organic search results into an undiscovered realm. For example, a blog should work for you, help define your website and give your web presence authority in the industry you seek to thrive through.

A few key questions to help get you started could include:

  • Is my blog working for me?
  • Do we want more traffic to our website?
  • What ideals and goals do we want to portray online?
  • How do we want our messages to come across (friendly, corporate, authoritative or natural)?
  • Do we want to outsource or keep the content in-house?
  • How do we want to communicate the content to our new or existing customers?

Blog Considerations

Many businesses are too busy to hire, plan, research and produce a marketing strategy to attract new customers. Writing content needs time, love, attention to detail and commitment.

Creating content is like having a relationship with:

  • Your employees
  • The brand message
  • Search engines
  • Graphics and photography
  • Onsite SEO
  • Categories – cluster articles – titles – tags
  • Research
  • Capturing trends
  • The competition
  • Editing.

However, all these considerations amalgamated to form an outcome can become a potent tool for any online business. Making time and planning for these ten content suggestions should put any content creator or business owner on the path to greatness.


The Method

To start any blog campaign, consider how many articles you want to publish per month. One article for your desired topic will turn into twelve by the end of the year. Producing content at this pace is an excellent entry-level as it helps establish your blog.

  • 1 article PM = 12PA – Entry Level
  • 2 articles PM = 24PA – Enhance your Keyword reach
  • 3 articles PM = 36PA – Make a difference with your SEO & users.

Always try a long-term strategy, as this will put you in an excellent position to increase your website’s organic search results. Everyone wants a return on investment (ROI) through their time and effort for new content. Nonetheless, producing and publishing articles with the correct framework should help build a new audience.


  1. Study what key search terms you want to rank for using any search console
  2. Look at the content that ranks high and read through what they have published
  3. Try and publish something more precise, exciting or educational
  4. Think about using an SEO framework for your articles
  5. Create infographics that can help with your content
  6. Use a relative but fantastic title to grab the reader’s imagination
  7. Push out any publications through your socials and PR channels.

The magic trick is to try and think about what your users will be typing into the search engine.

  1. What type of questions are people asking?
  2. What products and services do they need?
  3. What is working for other brands?
  4. What new trends or future trends have they considered?


The Outcome

Many news and blog channels seem to pump out the same old monthly information. The problem is that no one is interested or wants to know about an acquisition, a new building extension, a manufacturing update or Margaret winning ten pounds on the postcode lottery.

Users want fast, factual, helpful, insightful, shareable, and educational information.

Creating Value

If you can produce blog content that holds value, you’re immediately onto a winner. People want to see engaging information that answers questions. Offering ideas, wisdom, or factual information forms authority and ownership for your industry. People tend to remember your brand and click through to other services and products.

Trust & Authority

Potential clients, customers or business owners want to know and feel that you are an expert in your field. For example, a blog allows a company to grow within their knowledge through rich text copy and articles. Moreover, if you have twenty articles on a particular subject, your company will create natural domain authority whilst providing helpful information for all readers.

Consistent Communication

Keeping in touch with your existing and potential new customers is a good idea. A great way to achieve this is through:

  • Social media campaigns (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter & others)
  • Email campaigns – Mailchimp is suitable for collecting and sending out emails
  • PR channels – find relative online magazines that will re-publish your content
  • Outreach – try and write for other blogs or news channels and indirectly talk about your brand.

Point people toward your blog content and let the world know why they should work with you or buy your products and services.

If you would like some help devising a content strategy for your blog, why not get in touch today and speak to BLOCKWEBZ?

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  1. Beginning with key search terms lays a strong blogging foundation. Knowing what readers want gives you a bevvy of blog post ideas for exploring and writing. Do the work on the front end to blog successfully. I dig these tips.


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