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02 Jul 2022

An Introduction To Crawling Your E-Commerce Website

For an e-commerce website, earning a better ranking is a matter of survival. A Good ranking is further aligned with better traffic. Good traffic implies that the admin and management must ensure that web pages are crawled properly and seamlessly. Search marketing professionals constantly monitor the pace of crawling, which is the real key to sales. Understanding How Your Website Gets Crawled Before bothering too much about search engine spidering, be confident about the quality of your web pages. Though […]

01 Jul 2022

How To Optimise All Your Images For SERPs

Search engines rank images and rich text on all websites. If you optimise your images for each page, you can drive traffic to your online business. For example, people search for pictures using search engines. If you click on the image results, this will push the click directly to the website from where the image is located (your website). You can also optimise images for a website, where we have some top tips to get you ahead of the game. […]

01 Jul 2022

Product Photography Is All In The Editing

Product photography can be a difficult task. One of the most important factors would be that of setting up the camera. So, before you get started; ask yourself some questions. What is your objective? How do you want to set the scene and what is the outcome? Try and visualise the final product shot in your mind. Will it be clean? do you want small shadows or large shadows? will the product be on a shelf or will you be using coloured backgrounds?

10 Jun 2022

12 Marketing Tips Without The Need For SEO

If you’re just started a new online business, please consider none SEO marketing techniques to drive traffic to your website. Don’t always rely on search engines to do everything for you. It just won’t happen overnight. Remember, search engines send free traffic to your website, so they are not obligated to rank any of your website’s data to send traffic over. Search engines take their time ranking data, especially if you are a new company or blog. You need to […]

08 Jun 2022

6 SEO Strategies To Avoid

Let’s take a look at six SEO strategies used by unsuccessful WordPress site owners, including paid links, link spamming, and cloaking. WordPress is popular because it makes it easy to create a blog or business site. It attracts users who are not experts in online marketing and search engine optimisation. Moreover, the lack of expertise can lead them astray. For example, the web is full of advice about how to market a website, and much of it is complete nonsense. […]

07 Jun 2022

10 Hints For Getting More Google Reviews On Your Local Business Page

Setting up a Google local business page to drive traffic to your website is really a simple thing to do. Once you create a Gmail account, you are good to go. All you have to do now is create a business page by following this link. https://www.google.com/business/ Complete all criteria for business information in each section. Add services, articles, or products. Upload pictures and create links that point back to your website content. In addition, Google will send you an […]