Unblock Your Mind With These 8 Considered Writing Tips


Some people can just write; it’s like they are born to produce articles, books, blog posts and poetry. The written word talks to their soul, and they can spill wonder from the darkest corners of their mind.

However, sometimes, for no apparent reason, these creative manifestations of chemistry and frequency decide to stop. If this happens, the written word becomes a forced process, leading to a possibility of stress or poor work.

To help with these blockages, a content creator can do a few things to put them back on the path to recovery. Here are some simple writing tips to help you get moving again.

Go For A Walk

The walk has become a powerful tool for many creative content writers. Walking allows the mind to open up, settle down or catalogue information in the correct order. Think of walking as a mini break from the reality of employment; you can use gentle exercise as escapism for those sparks of creativity to ignite again.

Walking with a friend or work colleague can also help. For example, the oxygen circulating in your body while using the natural flow of conversation can help wipe away any cobwebs from the front of your mind.

A twenty-minute walk will make you smile, laugh, breathe, and refresh your body and mind. But what’s more important is that when you sit down and start to work, the content will spill from your mind again.

Eat Some Food And Drink Some Water

Hydration and energy while working are crucial to producing excellent results. The mind craves a massive amount of energy. So if you’re hungry or thirsty and ignore your body calling for vital nutrition, it could affect your daily performance.

  • Always have a bottle of water to hand
  • Prepare a good meal for work to help you get through the day

It might sound silly, but your mind is on the go for at least 8 hours a day. As a content creator give yourself an advantage while producing your best work.

Work On Editing

Please stop what you’re doing, collect your thoughts and start editing an article you wrote a few days ago. Editing is a skill within itself and can help sharpen the mind. You might even notice that while editing your copy, new ideas start to form. Let’s look at some top tips that may help:

  • Write your thoughts down or expand and build on your current article
  • Always have an open document ready, and write new titles down that can connect to the article you’re currently editing
  • Use a framework to help create new articles – (Title – Sub Titles – Summary)
  • Always leave a document or article for at least 24 hours before making your edits. Let your copy breathe so you can read the article with fresh eyes. Editing and writing are different jobs; master both by keeping them separate.

Although editing falls into the academic skill category of writing, the process also allows the creative subconsciousness to creep in and entangle itself with your state of perception. This conscious partnership can offer new ideas and suggestions.

Read Poetry Or Short Articles

Spending time reading poetry and short articles can open up the mind. Poetry can dance and connect with your emotions while telling a beautiful story. Great writers have reported creating fantastic novels from reading a single poem. Libraries and book shops are packed with great poets who have built anthologies of work to make you feel alive.

Short articles or stories can also give readers a new connection or idea. Try and structure time for reading throughout the day and forge your mind to resonate with the world of titles, paragraphs and stylish sentences.


Write Anything, Even If It Makes No Sense

If you’re sitting at the computer screen and 30 minutes have just passed, then you look again, and an hour just escaped through your fingertips; just try and do something, anything! Open a word document and just start typing. It sounds kind of crazy, but try and think of this process as putting your mind into 1st gear.

Before you know it, you’re writing a framework for a thingamabob, producing titles and forming the content to make a talented viral article.

Meditation Can Help

The power of meditation can be a great way to revive your soul. Transcend energy through your third eye and escape into an alternative universe. The art of meditation is like having a superpower; you will feel recharged, mellow and ready for your next journey.

There are many different ways to meditate; however, once you find what works for you, meditation can change the way you interact with your day.

Here are some tips to help ignite your creative edge:

  1. Find a quiet room or place away from distractions
  2. Close your eyes and focus on pushing through the centre of your mind
  3. Breath very slowly
  4. Enjoy the colours, shapes and visuals that fall through your state of consciousness

After you feel revived, get up and finish the rest of your day in an uplifted state of mind.

Talk To Friends, Colleagues Or Other Business Owners

Always make time to talk with people. Simple conversations can open up a spectrum of channels that will throw ideas and content onto your lap.

Here are some essential tips to get you motivated:

  • Understanding a director’s vision by openly talking to them. You need to connect with their journey and express your creative content through their mind. A poor MD tends to hide, a great director gets involved.
  • Take notes in meetings and video calls. Listen carefully to marketing strategy, people’s opinions and reporting. Remember, everyone has a different perspective or interpretation of the displayed information. This allows ideas and content to be channelled into the correct areas.
  • Talk to the sales team and ask them if they need any content to make their job easier. Look at infographics, key visuals, motion graphics, and videos, or use rich educational articles that can be used to keep customers excited about further information.
  • Explore exhibition shows that are relevant to your company’s products and services. Try and look for product innovations, relative company marketing strategies or new trends that could spike in the future. Talk to people running the stands and peer into their minds for exciting information.
  • Try and make time to talk with your work colleagues. They might have a real dilemma and need help! However, they may not know how to express their ideas or how to solve an obstacle. After all, marketing is problem-solving through content creation.

Think SEO

Constructing content around onsite SEO is always a good thing. Give your content a technical advantage by understanding some of these points:

  • Structure rich copy by following an SEO framework. Think about title length, metadata, subheadings and length of the final article
  • Create a keyword map for your existing and new articles
  • Research what competitors are doing and create excellent content that shadows their attempts.
    • If all else fails, take a relaxing bath or a long warm shower. If you’re still struggling to connect those molecules of creative fire, book a holiday and come back with a fresh mind.

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